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What is strobing?

For longer than I care to remember we've had images of people contouring themselves to within an inch of their lives, often totally unnecessarily. 

You've added all the super dark contour and super light highlight then you just blend it all away so you can't even see it anymore...... yeah, makes sense. 

I'm certainly not a hater of contour, I bloody love it, done correctly it adds shape, defines and just generally makes my face look on bloody fleek! Done badly though..... the results are somewhat horrendous. 

So now we have a 'new' technique which has made waves across the net and got everyone 'buzzing' this new technique is called 'Strobing' 

Right, let me put this straight, strobing is just simply highlighting, just using a fancy new term. It adds light, brightness and an ethereal look, rather than using shadows to create shape strobing is using light to bounce off those features and accentuate them. 

Let me repeat this IS NOT new, as a makeup artist I play with light and shadow all day, if someone sits in my chair with cheekbones to die for already whats the point in adding a shit tonne of contour when their cheekbones are already causing me to feel bad about my face.... I add light instead, I create a subtle pop of brightness that bounces off those marvelous cheekbones. 

Strobing aka highlighting should be done on the high points of your face, instead of using a light coloured concealer or foundation try using an actual highlighter with light particles (I like BECCA shimming skin perfector, NARS illuminating highlighters and Muliples) 

For a really intense glow I like to layer cream/liquid products and powder, so cream or liquid first then powder over. 

Once again, I say it all the time - have fun with it and experiment! Don't throw your contour palettes out just yet but maybe shove them to the back of the drawer for a while and embrace strobing for the summer.