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I'm all about that base......

It's very, very rare that I do any eye makeup without using a base first, I believe that a good solid base is key for longevity. 

I ALWAYS use a primer too, my chosen primer is the Urban Decay primer potion (original) then no matter what shade my client wants I always have a base colour to match. 

I believe layering is absolutely essential for making sure that eye makeup doesn't budge, which is partly a reason most people will book in with a professional makeup artist, as they know their makeup will last so much longer than if they were to do it themselves. 

My routine with eye makeup is 

  • Prep (clean area thoroughly) 
  • Prime 
  • Cream shadow 
  • Powder shadow 

My favourite cream shadows to use are Makeup Forever's Aqua cream, here are a few of my Aqua cream collection, they are the little round pots on the right ( I have around 10 now) 


Another one of my favourite base's for black smokey eyes is Chanel's Illusion D'Ombre in shade Mirifique - I actually don't know what I would do without this product! It's a complete game changer in terms of making life so much easier when trying to achieve that perfect black smokey eye. It also has a gorgeous glitter effect! Here is a eye makeup I did using Illusion D'Ombre. 

After I have applied any cream shadow I always set it using a similar shade of powder shadow, this is key to ensure there is no creasing and as I said earlier it's all about the layering process which is so important for longevity. 

Obviously there is thousands of cream shadows on the market, and I'm sure I haven't tried so many great ones which are out there! But I'm making it my mission to try as many as possible - but for now my beloved Makeup Forever Aqua Cream's are my firm favourite which I would encourage everyone to try, along with Chanel's Illusion D'Ombre they have around 8 different shades which I intend to add to my collection! 

Happy layering!