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I haven't blogged properly for a while, I've had no time and I've been up the wall with my new move. As most of you know I have moved from my studio on Slater Street to Rodney Street. They do say the two most stressful things you go through in life are death and moving house. Technically I didn't move house, but I had sooo much stuff in my studio it was like a mini house move! 

As well as boxing all my things up (numerous car/van journeys) I also threw away so much stuff, which made my hoarder mum have a mini panic attack, I also had to leave the studio as I had found it, which was a boring, soulless shell! After lots of sweat (and nearly a few tears) I said goodbye to Slater Studios at the end of September. 

Basically for the past few months with the stress of the move dangling over my head like a dark cloud I developed makeup brain. Makeup brain is exactly like new mum's baby brain, but instead of waking up every two hours to feed the baby I was waking in a cold sweat every night at 4am shouting random MAC lippy shades out! My head was a cloudy mess of glitter dust and blogging has been the last thought in my mind. 

But with everything almost sorted out I am ready to start again, I thoroughly enjoy writing and have done since I was a kid, I don't know if I am any good at it or even if anyone even reads my little posts, but it makes me happy so I'll continue! 

I've got a few post's I've been wanting to write for a while, and now my head is completely glitter dust free and the makeup brain has thankfully done one, I can get cracking on.