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Are Kylie Jenner's lips more famous than her?

It's been the question on everyone's lips (no pun intended) has she or hasn't she? 
At 17 (just turned) I would think that would be a little early to start fiddling with your looks, especially since you haven't stopped growing Yes, of course massive lips aren't going to sprout like boobs over night but still, to get your lips done at 16 is rather questionable. 

Everyone has been talking about these lips of hers. Does she use some magical concoction of lipstick and liner perfectly to cheat that full pout, what shades of lipstick is she using, frantically trying to find out who done her makeup to see if they give clues on her lip products. 

I'm no cosmetic surgery expert but I do consider myself quite knowledgeable about makeup, as soon as I saw her lips I knew more than just clever makeup was at work. 

Then I saw this ..... 

She deleted the pic as quickly as she uploaded it, but it was already on my instagram news feed.  As you can see, no lipliner, no lippy, just big fish lips! 
So here's the evidence. There's no clever makeup tricks, no special lipliner or lipstick, no camera trickery, just plain old lip fillers. 

Now I would appreciate it if everyone could stop going on about her bloody lips!