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I'm gonna wash that mud right out of my hair

I'm back from another amazing 5 days in that magical world called Glastonbury. The sun shone, then there was the torrential rain, followed by thunder and lightening which led to an electrical storm causing some sets to be cut short, the entire site was like one massive mud pit, but even after all that, that could not dampen the Glastonbury spirit. 

 I'm pretty sure everyone would love it there, but I know so many girls worry about things like 'Oh, I couldn't go 5 days without washing my hair!' Well I'm about to let you into a little secret, this is possible! 

And what's better than washing your hair? Well, that's easy - having someone else washing it for you.
And wouldn't it be great to have your hair professional styled too? like the celebs do at festivals. Well guess what you can!
While you're there why not go the whole hog and get a manicure, massage and facial too..... no girls, I'm not talking about some fantastical, festival dream world here, I'm talking about a genius concept called "Vanity Van" 

Vanity Van at Glastonbury Tamara Vanity Van's stylist curling my hair

So, you've done the mile long trek from the gates to the 'best' place to pitch up - Which is always the furthest away, you're probably sweating cobs (if its hot) or fighting off frizzy 'Diana ross circa chain reaction' hair due to that fine rain that clings to every strand of hair on your head. You're feeling triumphant at the fact you have correctly positioned poles and guide lines, but the sight of your hair is bringing you out in nervous rash and you're developing a twitch in your right eye from the sheer stress of having to spend the next few days with hair like you've been dragged through a bush - backwards. 

Preparation is key ladies, remember, fail to prepare then prepare to fail. Log on to and pre book your appointment before you even step foot through the festival gates. Stress gone, twitchy right eye - none existent. 

Vanity Van offer an array of treatments from D.I.Y options where you can wash and style your own hair, to luxury festival recovery packages which includes treatments such as Luxury tan , Express Facial , Gel polish, Hair Styling

Photo By Lisa ChapmanPhoto by Lisa Chapman

Photo by Lisa Chapman

                                      (Photo's above by Lisa Chapman)                                                                     

Me and my friend Becky booked in for a basic dry styling appointment with one of Vanity Van's fab stylist's. My hair was being looked after by Tamara who was lovely, I explained that I wanted my hair to look "Shabby chic wavy, like i've done nothing to it, and I "Woke up like dis" she knew straight away what I meant and went about working her magic. 

Hair by Vanity Van at Glastonbury FestivalBecky almost asleep having her hair done

Vanity Van are partnered with Batiste hair products, makers of the most wonderful invention in the whole wide world, dry shampoo! Well, to my surprise Batiste also now make dry conditioner, which came in VERY handy later on during the week... 

Batiste Dry Conditioner

My hair was done and dusted in around 15-20 minutes, I was just praying to rain would do one for the remainder of the festival. But obviously as you all probably know a huge storm was on it's way. My beautifully styled hair looked gorgeous for around 2 hours, then I was left fighting frizz off like a festival warrior and my weapon was...... dry conditioner! 

By the 4th day I had given up the fight and was starting to embrace my naturally curly hair, I just sprayed dry conditioner over my wet hair and this took away alot of my frizz, this product is my new MUST HAVE for future festivals. 

Vanity Van have been busy little bee's this year, with over 1700 appointments booked at Glastonbury alone! The team travel around the country doing lots of different festivals and events throughout the year. I would highly recommend booking in or if you like to live on the edge just pop along and see if they can fit you in. When you're sleeping in a tent on the floor, getting dressed sitting down as you can't stand up in your tent, washing exclusively with wet wipes, sharing your bed with creepy crawlies galore, I'm pretty sure a little treat like this will leave you smiling from ear to ear. 
If you're off to a festival this year don't let the weather get you down, embrace the rain, bask in the sun and dance in the mud, just let your hair down (literally) and have the best time! 
Here's a little photo of the 4 stages of my Glasto hair from straight to Annie style curls.

Glastonbury Hair