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Playing with makeup

Often, I get so busy doing makeup for clients that I sometimes forget how much I actually love experimenting and generally playing with makeup! 

It's easy to get stuck in a makeup rut when you're doing it every day, I always try and change it up slightly in work, even if it's just little changes on each client - it stops me getting bored and get's my makeup head on instead of doing makeup on auto pilot. 

Obviously all my kit is in the studio and after a long day the last thing I think of is packing up the kit to bring home to experiment. But sometimes I force myself to, and I'm always so pleased I done it the next day when I have all this beautiful makeup to play with!  

Here are a few eye makeup looks i've done lately -  

winged eyeliner eye makeuppink glitter eye makeup

Cut crease eyemakeup
monocrome eye makeup