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My top 5 Instagram accounts

I love Instagram, it's totally visual which is what appeals to me so much. If you get past the zillion selfies and self indulgent LOOK AT ME images it's chocka blocka with inspiring accounts and images. 

I'm a bit obsessed with it to be honest, but what I love about it is I find out about new products/brands/artist's I wouldn't of known about without Instagram. I have a few accounts I regularly check out (stalk) obviously they're all makeup & beauty related. I do follow all different types of accounts on there though, from Fashion, lifestyle and obviously celebs (because everyone does and we are all nosey parkers aren't we?!)  

Like I said I do have a few accounts I just love so thought i'd share my top 5 'Must Follow' accounts for everyone who loves makeup & beauty. 

1. @Nikki_Makeup 
I love this makeup artist's work, she is the queen of the ultra glowing skin look! Just check out her page for major inspiration from high end creative looks, amazing nail designs and of course the most gorgeous dewy, glowing skin. 

2. @Babskymakeup 
He doesn't update as much as I'd like (he's obviously a very busy man) but I just love his work. His face charts, which he actually draws himself (no pre made charts used) are unbelievable! He's worked with countless celebs and works alot with Naomi Campbell and is the UK's makeup artist ambassador for Lancome. 

3. @Makeupbymario
The man responsible for the contouring craze! He was the makeup artist that was doing Kim Kardashian's makeup when she snapped that infamous pic of her mid transformation. His page is full of gorgeous pictures of course lots of pics of the Kardashians.

4. @Vegas_nay
One the most popular accounts on Instagram with 2 million followers (and counting) her page is full of features from other makeup artist's work - which is great as it introduces you to new pages you didn't know about! I'm still trying to get featured on her page..... one day!

5. @Adamburrell 
This man has had me go out and buy makeup (I didn't need!)  just from posting what products he had used for a certain look. It looked so good I couldn't help myself. He is Little Mix's makeup artist aswell as working on countless campaigns, magazine shoots and celebrities. 

I obviously follow more accounts than just these 5, but these are up there with my favourites. I suggest you all follow them....and me @KellyAMua