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Lime Crime - The Clueless Witch Collection

As a massive Lime Crime 'Red Velvet' fan, when I saw they were bringing out a new collection of 3 exclusive shades I was all over it like newly applied red lippy on a glass.
The shades are,
'Wicked' a gorgeous dark berry, burgundyish (my fave)
'Salem' Chocolate brown
'Black Velvet' Orange.... only messing, its black obvs!

So I wouldn't necessarily waltz around with matte jet black lips, but seeing as it was part of the set, I felt a need to buy, I couldn't break up the set.

The day the collection was released I purchased them direct through Lime Crime's Website. If you didn't know Lime Crime are an American brand, and they're based in California so I knew I would be waiting a while for delivery.

I waiting around a month (I know, makeup torture) when the postman delivered them I felt like doing a little jig for him, just to show appreciation (I didn't physically do this, just totally in my head) The packaging was so cute, inside there was the companies famous logo, 2 unicorns and lots of lime paper tissue used to wrap up and keep safe (and warm) my new velvetines. As well as the collection I ordered 'Pink Velvet' for the studio to use on my clients as it's almost summer and this gorgeous pink lippy will last them the whole night.

The design of the packaging has changed slightly since I ordered 'Red Velvet' which was well over a year ago now, but the product hasn't changed, still as lovely as ever.

These "Liquid Lipstick's" glide on like a gloss but after a while they magically transform into a matte stain, when i say stain, these literally don't budge. You can eat, drink, kiss etc and it will stay put. Perfect for a low maintenance lip colour!  

If you don't fancy waiting a month for these Love Makeup (UK based)  are now stocking the collection