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The Oscars Best Makeup & Hair

I love the Oscars, I look forward to it every year! I love seeing all the films and guessing who might win, but most of all I love seeing what all the celebs wear and how they have their hair and makeup. 

It's every girls fantasy to have some where fancy enough to wear a gorgeous gown, to be pampered to within an inch of your life, to be dripping in diamonds - not River Island costume jewelry, but real gems! To have a glam squad preening you to perfection then to have the best seats in the house to the best award show in the world. Obviously us mere mortals cannot experience that, so watching it on TV or catching up using every form of social network is the next best thing. 

I have a couple of celebrities that made my list of 'best' this year. 

1. Lupita N'Yongo 

I love, love, love that she had pink lips & cheeks with her gorgeous 'Nairobi' blue gown, she looked like a princess. I love how her eyes were accentuated with some flirty lashes and subtle gold highlighter on the inner corner. And her skin! It looks like silk, so dewy and flawless - amazing Oscar worthy makeup (and her cute little head band!!) 

2. Cate Blanchett 

She looked like a proper 50's hollywood siren! I loved her hair, very glamorous. On her eyes she wore a sweep of black liner with some gorgeous long, wispy lashes and a sweep of shimmery shadow underneath to makeup her eyes pop - but it was all very subtle (the way makeup should be at a event like this) her skin was kept matte with a pop of peachy blush and glossy nude/peach lips. I love this woman, she never does wrong in my eyes. 

3. Angelina Jolie 

She went for a soft nude smokey eye with brown tones, with very full lashes they remind me so much of the Eldora H125 lashes we stock! Her eyes were striking but soft, for example instead of using black liner on her lid she stuck with a brown, it was all blended flawlessly! Nude glossy lips and natural brows finished off her look. Stunning, obviously! 

4. Olivia Wilde 

Very simple but effective. a strong eyeliner flick with perfect brows and pale nude lips 

5. Jared Leto 

A special mention has to go to Jared Leto's hair, we all need to appreciate the fact that he has hair better than most women! His beachy ombre waves gave me a bad case of hair envy! *runs off to wand hair*