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Smash Box Full Exposure

I first saw this palette on Instagram, I was browsing through and saw it on @lookamillion page, it looks gorgeous! I am a big fan of palettes, as a makeup artist it is very important to have everything compact and easy to pack up for shoots and jobs where I need to travel. It's also easy to find everything, no one wants to look through a hundred different single shadows to find one particular shade! Yes, you can make your own palettes (which I do) but it's nice when you can find one pre made and ready to go!

This palette looks great, you have all your neutral matte shades in there and some shimmery/glittery colours too - I have never tried Smash box eye shadows so I won't be buying this online, I like to try before I buy, naturally! But it's been added to my maybe list (along with about 23455 other things!) Has anyone tried it? What's your thoughts?