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Lit glitter

We have a new obsession Lit cosmetics Glitter. 

We have wanted to try these glitters for soooo long, but never got around to ordering. Then my beady little makeup eyes caught glimpse of their Black Friday sale (buy one get one free!) so I HAD to order. 

We ordered 10 and they arrived all the way from Canada in about 8 working days - quite quick I thought! Delivery is only $10 Canadian dollars too, which is so cheap! I also have to add the owner of Lit cosmetics Jodie was soooo helpful and lovely! 

The glitters are categorized into sizes, so S1 is really fine, almost like a pigment. S2 is a fine glitter. S3 is a chunky glitter (my fave size) and S4 is super chunky.   

I can't even describe just how sparkly these glitters are - I know what you're thinking, all glitters are sparkly, but until you have saw these beauties you haven't saw sparkle! 

We have used lots of different brands and these are by far the best, they have the best glitter colour range, with shades like 'Magic Dragon' being a mix of green & navy & Seeing Stars being a mix of Green, Red, black (and more!) they catch the light and twinkle like diamonds and generally make jaws hit the floor! 

Shades we ordered were, 
Beach Baby S3 (chunky bronze gold)
Magic Dragon S3 (chunky green & navy) 
Marilyn Monroe S3 ( chunky pure silver) 
Seeing Stars S3 (chunky multi coloured dark) 
Vegas S3 (chunky holographic gold) 
Punk S3 ( chunky deep blue/purple) 
Hulk S3 (chunky bright green) 
Dreamsicle S2 (fine peachy coral) 
Valley Girl S2 (fine lilac/pink/purple) 
Rock It S2 (Deep navy shimmer) 

And here they are  *some colours aren't shown exactly how they are in real life*

We love them all, but one. Rock It S2 is more of a pigment than a glitter, so we were a bit disappointed with it, but the other 9 make up for it! 

If you are interested in getting your hands on these, they sell Lit glitter's in Peaches & Cream but they don't have the full range, so click here to go to Lit's official website to view all shades. 

Here a a few photo's we have taken of our clients we used Lit glitters on,  

Vegas S3

Seeing Stars S3

Beach Baby S3

Marilyn Monroe S3 

Because photo's never catch the full effects of the glitter, here are some videos I shot so you can see just how sparkly they are! 

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Seeing stars lit glitter

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Magic dragon lit glitter

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Lit glitter