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Lancome Skin Care

The other day I went to do a bit of Christmas shopping with Andy, for one of my presents I'd asked for Lancome's Dream tone as I'd read great reviews online. Lately I've noticed some uneven pigmentation on my face and this seemed like the perfect product to fix it. 

I'd saw that Dream Tone was £69 but Lancome had a little set containing a few small bottles of their Genifique and Visionaire for £69, bargain! 

I got to the counter but there wasn't a sales advisor in sight, I looked around the counter myself and all I could find was the Dream Tone set Number 1 (I wanted number 2) After 10 minutes waiting and rummaging through every single set in sight the sales advisor came over. I told her I was looking for the Dream Tone Number 2 set - She was clearly after a sale because she told me there was 'No difference' in the numbers and they 'all did the same thing'. 

Listen love, there is clearly a difference in them or why would there be THREE different ones on sale? (1 is for fair skin, 2 for medium and 3 for dark) I stood my ground and decided to just buy the Dream Tone number 2 (without the set) however the girl decided to throw a few freebies in with the sale. These included one of the gift sets which contained Tonique Douceur 50ml, Bi Facil 30ml, Galateis Douceur 50ml, a small Hypnose mascara and a little lippy. She also added 2 sample sized bottles of Visionnaire. 

The lipstick is a frosty pinky colour, to be honest I'll never wear it as I think its a bit 80's. I did however try the mascara and I was so impressed - but I'll blog about that another day. 

I told Andy I needed to start with the Dream Tone and skin care to get my skin in 'top condition' for Christmas' we negotiated and I gave him the Kindle I had bought him that day. Both happy - Win, win!

On to the skin care, I used the Galateis Douceur (A cream cleanser) and Tonique Douceur straight away, I was amazed how much crap was coming off my face! They smell lovely and left my skin feeling like silk! 

Next I applied the Visionnaire all over and then Dream Tone (I had been using Dream Tone for around 1 week as I got a sample to try out will blog about that after Christmas as they say it takes about 4 weeks to see results). 

Now, obviously I can't blog about the effects of Visionnaire yet, but the other skin care products had my face feeling cleaner than it had ever done in it's life! My skin feels soft, looks brighter and after just 2 days I can tell I'm going to be a MASSIVE Lancome skin care junkie! 

If you're using another brand at the moment but want to try Lancome just go to one of their counters and see if you can get a sample to test out, if you don't ask, you don't get. 

Right, now I'm off to clean my face and stroke my cheek for an hour or so (it's soooo soft!)