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Lash Perfect Semi Permanent Eyelashes

After MONTHS of research, umming and ahhing, and reading a million reviews on different semi permanent eyelash training/products I have decided to do my training and buy my kit with Lash Perfect. 

I have read so many great reviews about their training & support and I have saw online and in person the amazing finished result! 

We get so many girls in the studio who get semi perm lashes and I always ask "What brand are they" most don't know - but a couple (who's eyelashes where fabulous darling!) said 'Lash Perfect' 

So I've booked it, and I can't wait to get going. I've always been very good at fiddly things, I've got a good eye for detail and I think my 6 years experience doing makeup will help me so much!  

I will be doing this treatment from February so keep you eyes open for my Introductory offers, photo's and news. 

Kelly xo