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My Makeup Forever Obsession

Alright, I admit it I am just a tad obsessed with Makeup Forever - I have so many of their products and it makes me sad they don't have a store near me where I can just go into every day and play with their makeup! 

I order online which is fab, but I just love to try things before I buy them. Which is why when I went to Florida last year I went a bit mad in Sephora. Before I went to Florida I had been reading up and looking at all of the Makeup Forever products, I desperately wanted to try their HD foundation but without trying I couldn't be sure of my shade. 

So as soon as I got to Florida I found out the location of the nearest Sephora and basically ran the entire way there in a state of makeup frenzy (not really, we drove... but you know what I mean, I was excited!)  My boyfriend had told me to get whatever I wanted, it was his treat (I don't think he realised the damage I could actually do) 

Lots of eye rolls from him and about 45 minutes later, I had a basket full of products (90% Makeup forever) I had found the perfect match for me in their HD foundation, got about 8 eyeshadows, some aqua creams, lipsticks, blusher, diamond powders and lots more. 

We got to the till, I was in that much of a makeup trance I even signed up for a Sephora card (Why please?! the nearest one is about 3000 miles away) I kept nervously looking at my boyfriend, knowing any second now I would see the most dramatic change of expression ever. There he was, smiling (probably made up we were nearly finished there) then the woman behind the till said "That will be $520 please" 

I shot a glance towards my boyfriend, the smile had disappeared completely, a stunned expression had taken over, his eyes narrowed, his jaw almost hitting the floor, his nostrils flaring..... 

I nervously giggled, even I didn't realise the damage I could do! He reluctantly handed over his card and I spent the next few hours saying "Sorry love, I didn't realise it would be that much.....We can take it all back if you want" Lies, all lies. 

I bought him a new pair of trainers and all was forgotten about. Seems like a good deal eh?!

So that's where my obsession grew. I can't tell you how much I love some of their products especially the HD foundation which looks absolutely gorgeous on almost everyone. It looks amazing in real life and photographs flawless.  So many clients have asked me where they can get their hands on it, as they loved it so much. 

Their Aqua creams are probably my favourite products though. They are multi use cream colours which can be used anywhere! Better yet they are waterproof and last literally until you wipe them off with cleanser. We have around 8 of these aqua creams in the studio, and use them on nearly everyone (depending on what they are having their makeup like) 

Seriously, if you haven't tried any of their stuff before go and get some! I order ours from Guru Makeup Emporium  

Our newest shade is this beautiful gold colour I also ordered a new Diamond powder as we ran out of our other one, everyone loves a bit of sparkle! 
Makeup forever

Makeup forever

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