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Addicted To Pretty - Last few months

Hi everyone, I'm just posting a few pics of our work at the studio that we have done over the past few months. 

Recently I got a new camera, if you have been in to get your makeup done recently you may of been papped by my mahoosive camera! The camera is a Nikon D3200 and its honestly the best investment ever, our makeup looks crisp and real - unlike crappy IPhone pics. Mostly I've been using it to take photo's of our makeup, but also I've been like a paparazzi stalking my cat and trying to get her to pose..... needless to say she's having none of it. 

Here just a few pics of our work over the past few months using my Nikon. 

If you would like to book in with us for makeup please go to the Addicted To Pretty  page x