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The Evolution of (my) Eyebrows

I was looking through old photo's the other day, and I caught a glimpse at my 14 year old self. 
After going through a mix of emotions some being, shock, nausea, horror, gut wrenching screams of WHY! I finally shouted aloud - "what the hell was I doing to my brows!?" 

I closed my eyes and tried to think back all those years ago, I needed to find out exactly how I had murdered my eyebrows. Back to the scene of the crime - like an episode of CSI my mind rewinded back 13 years to my little naive self standing in-front of the bathroom mirror. I now remember it clearly, like it was yesterday. If only I could go back, take my little teenage self's hand and give her some words of wisdom. Ok I'm being slightly dramatic, but wait for it....... 

There I was looking in the bathroom mirror, my eyes focused on my brows specifically - I don't really know why, but for some reason I had suddenly become fixated on them. "I know.." I thought to myself, "I'll shave them"..... Yes you are reading this right people, SHAVE. My dad's razor was just sat there, staring at me, willing me to use it. The next part is a blur, I don't know if the trauma of what happened has forced the memory to be permanently removed! 

Exhibit one...... Like my fringe?  

Exhibit two....... Lemon and blue wallpaper, Leonardo DiCaprio on my wall, just smacks of the 90's doesn't it! P.S scousers, I had a Lacoste tracky on aswell, you're not seeing that though, ever!

So as you can see, it was bad. One teacher in school ( my science teacher, I won't mention names) once described them as 'Disgusting' pretty harsh, and thinking back hers weren't much better. But that says alot, a middle aged woman with thinning brows that had zero shape had described mine as disgusting. 

Then I started to think about all the other girls who butchered their brows when they were younger, it happens all the time, and I bet now there is a teenage girl somewhere just thinking about over plucking or if shes like me, taking her dads Gillette and saving a bit of time. 

It's honestly took my years and years to get my shape back, and even now I hate even plucking them in-between my brow appointments because I'm terrified the old me will pop up and pluck them into a vile late 90's shape. If you over plucked and haven't been able to get your shape back, just leave them for as long as you can (months even) then go and get them professionally done, fake it if you have to! Get them tinted, pencil them in, do whatever it takes. You can do it girls!

These are my brows now, with a bit of TLC and brow powder of course! 

Brows have changed throughout the years, but remember this, the brow choices you make now will haunt you forever! Over pluck and they may never grow back, leave them full and natural then when you're old you will be known as, that little old lady with the fabulous brows. 

Some examples of the changing brow shapes throughout the decades.




1990's (Clearly the look I was going for!)