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Layer up your lashes

layering lashes

This is just a little blog to show you all how layering lashes can create a completely different look. 

When you think of layering lashes, Katie Price probably pops into your head and her 6 sets of layered lashes or something ridiculous like that - but you don't have to weigh down your eye lids to have fuller, longer lashes! 

I wanted to create a Kardashian style longer, thicker lash without the overall heaviness of using a massive thick pair of lashes. As you can see by the above photo I used a wispy shorter & more natural style, then over the top of these I added winged out, longer lashes. This was to create fullness at the base and length on the end.  

natural eyelashesThis is me wearing the first set of lashes, as you can see they add fullness to the base but are a lovely, natural finish - nothing Kardashian style about these. On to the next pair! 

So, you have put your first set on as normal, remembering to trim the lashes if the are too wide for your eyes - do exactly the same with the second pair, trim, apply glue and let the glue go tacky, after about 30 seconds they should be ready to apply. Look down while in front of a mirror and carefully place the second pair directly on top of the first pair, making sure to get as close to the lash line as possible. 

Long eyelashesThis is the finished result. Just add a coat of mascara on your bottom and top lashes and a swipe of liquid or gel liner on your top lash line to hide the lashes. As you can see they are longer,
Layering lashesfull, flirty and NOT heavy at all - using two pairs of light lashes will not only save the weight on your poor eyelids they will be sooo much easier to apply than those thicker                                                                                  lash bands (that I hate!) 

Have fun with trying out different styles together, mix and match to find the perfect style for you. 

I used Eldora lashes style H135 & H125