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Butter London Colour Clash

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to try out lots of different products from brands such as Butter London, James Read, Laura Mercier & TIGI which I will be blogging about over the next few weeks. 

I was very excited about seeing some new Butter London products, I was hoping the lovely ladies from Purple PR who represent the above brands (including many more) would have some of their new makeup products to show me, unfortunately they didn't. However I soon got over this when I saw the beautiful new nail polishes. 

First up was the Colour Clash collection. 

Butter London Colour Clash

Butter London have decided to inject some colour into their collection - they aren't exactly known for their colour's, usually opting for cool autumn/winter tones. 

I love this collection of 6 beautiful bright colours, I especially love the quirky names such as 'Cake hole' and 'Silly Billy'.

Firstly let me say how amazing their colour pay off is, I can't tell you how much it annoys me when you get a beautifully coloured polish and have to apply about 19472 coats of it for it to match the colour in the bottle. Then your nails never dry, you spend the entire day with the dreaded 'claw hand' blowing your nails violently, screeching out 'Watch the nails!!' at anyone who comes too close. Then they still smudge.

This absolutely does not happen with these. I was lucky enough to take home 'Cake hole' (pink) 'Silly Billy' (orange) and 'Cotton buds' (white).  The white looks amazing by itself (especially with a tan!) and other colour's like the pink painted over the white just pop and become neon, amazing. 

Best of all I only had to apply 2 coats (no claw hand needed) drying time was super fast - which is what we all need in our busy lives. 
Nail art
I tried them all out separately, but why use one colour when you can use all 3? I used them to create colouful leopard print nails - for the black detail I used a model's own 'Wah nails' nail art pen. 

I did see the other new collections including the 'Summer holiday Lacquer collection' they launch this month (august 2013) which are 5 tan enhancing colours, designed to make sun kissed skin pop. They look like beautiful colour's however I haven't had a chance to try these out myself yet.  

Butter London nail polishes retail for £12 and in my opinion they are worth every penny! 

*Products sent for review*