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Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro

So as you all have probably guessed I'm a big fan of Lime Crime Velvetine's liquid lipglosses. I love a matte finish, just a personal thing. I've never been a fan of lipglosses, they're sticky, messy, hair sticks to your lips in the slightest bit of wind... etc...

So me and Clare wandered into John Lewis on our weekly 'Let's see what's new in the makeup world' trip when we was brought to a complete stand still by the sight of these beauties! 

I give you - Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro ...... 

Now you've taken a moment to fully appreciate their beauty, I'll tell you why I'm so excited about these. 

This brings me back to the start of my post, as I mentioned I'm a big fan of Lime Crime Velvetine's liquid lipgloss - my only 'problem' is the shades, or lack of. They come in 2 shades of red, which are lovely but I needed more. This is where Armani's Lip Maestro has filled the void in my life! 

Lip Maestro gives me my beloved reds, my favourite deep dark colours, my most popular shades I use at work (pinks, nudes) and then some! 

I tried these on my back of my hand at John Lewis and I have to say I was very impressed, just like Lime Crime they stain the lips too, so you wouldn't need to touch up all the time. 

I can feel a little makeup spending spree coming on!