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Before & After - correcting dark circles under eyes.

Last week my mum asked me to do her makeup as she was off to a friends wedding. 

My mum is gorgeous and a very young mum I look at her and think to myself 'I really hope I look that good when I'm 45!' 

However my mum suffers from quite bad dark circles under her eyes, its hereditary as my nan suffered too and I have them myself. 

When I do my mums makeup I ALWAYS colour correct under her eyes to take the sharpness off those dark circles, I will do a seperate blog soon on how to cover this yourself at home and go a little bit more indepth on colour correcting and prodcuts that are great for this problem that LOTS of women (and men!) suffer with. 

Here is a before and after photo
Dark under eye circles

To colour correct on my mum I used Illamasqua cream pigment in emerge, which is a peach cream colour. Peachy/salmon colours counteract the bluey darkness. I then used a concealer over cover completely. Like I said I will do a seperate blog very soon on how to do this yourself at home.