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Urban Decay Naked Basic

Me and Clare took our seemingly weekly trip around all the makeup haunts in Liverpool the other day. We like to browse around, especially looking at new products out and generally drooling over lots of makeup. We decided on a little purchase before we makeup a large splurge soon! 

We picked up this little fabulous palette at Debenhams

Urban Decay Naked Basics

I am a big fan already of Urban Decay, I have a zpalette full of their eyeshadows, most of them sparkly or glittery. 

This is why I love this pallete all but one shade is matte, Venus is shimmery. 

Nude smokey eyes are always a popular request at the studio so I know this palette will get used and abused daily! I also generally love matte eyeshadows, so I know this will be my favourite makeup piece in the studio (until the next purchase!) 

I would recommend this palette to anyone and at £20 its a steal as you will get so much use out of it!