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Coloured Contact Lenses

I have just received my coloured contact lenses from I spent a while looking through all the gorgeous colours on the site before deciding on 'Mystic Hazel' 

The colour online does look different from what I received, here is a photo from their online shop of the lenses. 
hazel eyes

I thought the colour looked gorgeous, very natural and I was excited to receive them. 

After a very speedy delivery (1 day!) I had the postman knocking at my door with the sight I love nothing more than, a parcel! 

This is what I received in the parcel ...

contact lenses

The lenses came in these little bottles with 1 lense in each with some solution 
contact lenses

I think for the price (£15.99) you got a lot for your money, great value and the lenses last for 90 days! 

I tried them out straight away as I'm rather impatient! After about 10 minutes of bracing myself to basically poke myself in the eye I finally had them in, it wasn't as bad as I thought. Here's what they look like in, and also my natural eye colour. 


I really really liked them in, but as you can see they are quite different to what is advertised on the site. They weren't as natural looking as I thought they were going to be, but that said if you are not up close they do look quite natural and for £15.99 I cannot really complain! 

I think these are a great way to change your look a little for a night out, special occasion or just day to day! 

The only thing I would say to the owners of is to maybe invest in a photoshoot of models actually wearing the lenses so their customers can see exactly what they are buying.... and If they need a makeup artist to set this up, look no further!