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Depotting Lipstick

Depotting lipstick

I’ve put this off for ages because I thought it would be an impossible task (for me anyway) but once I got started I was in the zone and actually really enjoyed it! Maybe I need to get out more?First of all I started by taking a deep breath and staring at my 30 odd lipsticks that needed a new home. I had read that melting them may ruin the lipsticks, but others also stated that this was rubbish and their lipsticks were fine, in a quandary I decided to ‘smush’ them in rather than melting.

Lipstick palette

That didn’t go down to well! It didn’t look pretty and was a big mess, 2 lipsticks in I was running for my spoon and candle.We had purchased the Japonesque palette for the studio after months of routing around in our lipstick drawer, searching through the endless lipsticks tubes and only being able to tell what shade it was by reading the bottom! This wasted far too much time and it was decided this was necessary, especially as Christmas (one of the busiest periods for us) was coming up.

The palette comes with a handy mini plastic spatula which I used to chop off some of the lipstick bullet, the amount is trial and error really. But when in doubt chop off less rather than more than you think you need.I chopped in onto a spoon and held it over a cancel for about 30 seconds or so, you don’t want it to boil so don’t hold it directly on the flame, just above.

Melting lipstick

then you very carefully pour the melted lipstick into the palette, remember it’s hot so be careful!

Depotting lipstick

It completely drys in a few minutes, like magic! This took me about 3 hours as I had to then peel each sticker off the bottom of the lipstick tube and stick it onto the plastic insert inside the palette, then because there was some lipstick left in the tube I had to label that so we knew what lipstick was what when it came to refilling the palette. Like I said earlier though, I did get into it and was like a woman possessed I didn’t move until it was entirely finished. Although I did have a mini breakdown when at the very end I was elated that it was all over and I was packing away when I spotted a lipstick that had been hiding! 

All in all it was well worth it, and I kind of had fun deciding what shades should go where and putting the whole thing together. I think as a makeup artist it is so important to make your job as easy as possible, and by having all your lipsticks there in front you makes life easier and your kit less bulky!Plus its also pretty to look at.

lipstick palette, depotting lipstick

Have fun creating your very own custom lip palette! Happy depotting :)