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How to have presentable brows inbetween waxing/threading appointments

eyebrow tutorial

It’s the dreaded in-between, brows not long enough to wax/thread off but starting to resemble a over grown hedgehog. We have all been there, hibernating in our house until the day finally comes when we can pay a visit to the salon.Threading is my weapon of choice, I have unruly eyebrows, with hair sprouting from everywhere! Only the cotton can tame my slugs.Well not anymore! Today I will be showing you how to maintain that freshly waxed/threaded brow shape and add a little more fullness for those like myself with sparse brows.

Stage one - Acceptance.

natural eyebrows

I accept the fact that no matter how much I wish for it I will never have naturally beautifully shaped 'Cara Delevingne' style full brows. As you can see by the photo my brows are what I can only describe as crap. Wishy-washy, no defining shape, sparse and just a bit fugly. I accept this fact because I can change it!

Stage two - Making shape.

fill in your eyebrows

I flit between using an eyebrow pencil and eyeshadows with an angled brush (MAC 263) Today I used my MAC eyebrow pencil, just use a shade suited for you.I start by creating shape first, I start in the middle of my brow and define my arch using light feathery strokes.

Stage three - Making length

fill in your eyebrows

After I have filled in the middle of my brows and created my arch, I start on creating a little more length on the end of my brow. Once again use light feathered strokes and NEVER draw on or ‘colour’ in your brows, no matter how much of a rush your in

!Stage four - Completing your brow

fill in your eyebrows

I lightly pencil the shape I would like the inner part of my brow to be. This is a guide line as my brows are really sparse here. Using this guide line I make light feathery strokes ‘Upwards’ ALWAYS follow the natural growth of your own eyebrow hairs, this will help it look natural.I usually go back over the entire brow and make light strokes in the direction my hairs naturally grow.

Stage five - Nearly there.

fill in eyebrows

I’m always left with a brow like this, I find this slightly too heavy even though I was light handed. I find the lines too harsh and not natural enough, so I run my finger very lightly over any lines, just to smooth away that harshness, be careful not to press to hard or you will end up with a big smudge all over your face! I also brush lightly over the entire brow to take the sharpness off.

Stage six - Natural shaped fuller brows!

perfect eyebrows

So a trip to my threading lady is still in need, but I can leave the house and not feel like a baldy, over grown brow freak! It only takes me a few minutes, and don’t stress about it! It’s only make up, if you make a mistake just wipe it off and start again. I hope this is helpful!