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Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation

I have wanted to try Chanel Pro Lumiere foundations for ages, I finally bought myself a foundation to try about 6 weeks ago.
I loved it instantly, it gives off a flawless, fresh, dewy finish with good coverage for my skin (my skin is clear with the odd spot every now and then, but I do have dark circles under my eyes and is slight redness around my nose)
I now have the full set, which I use everyday at work - I tend to use this foundation on clients who haven't got any skin problems, as it doesn't give me the same full coverage as my RCMA foundations.
I would highly recommend it to other makeup artist's as its a great product to have in your kit, but make sure its not the only one in there, as you will need others for more coverage/finishes.
For any one who doesn't have the worlds greatest skin I would recommend either getting a sample first or getting the advisor to apply it for you to try it out.
Chanel Pro LumiereLeft to right
Limpide - nude
clair - cameo
Cendre - shell
Chanel Pro LumiereLightest and darkest shades