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Eldora False Eyelashes

I got my weekly order of eyelashes today and I thought its about time I wrote a review about this company and its eyelashes.
I first stumbled across Eldora about a year ago now, I was a little sceptical about ordering at first, but I went ahead and ordered about 8 pairs at first - and I haven't ordered from anywhere else since.
Eldora is fantastic value, the price range varies from £3.90 for your human hair and synthetic lashes and goes up £8.90 for their premium black diamante range.
I can't rave more about these eyelashes. They look amazing on, every single one of my clients just loves these eyelashes, they are very speedy with deliveries on average taking just 1 day to get to me - they also every now and then they send me a free pair of lashes with a personalised post it note attached - which I think is a lovely touch.
They offer a brilliant pro makeup artist discount and overall this company has been a little gem for me personally - I can always go on the site and find any type of lashes I need, wether it be for clients or a photoshoot.
Check them out at
Kerry Katona - Liverpool Fashion week
I used Eldora H126 on Kerry for fashion week.
I used Eldora H111 on this pic
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