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Lime Crime - The Clueless Witch Collection

As a massive Lime Crime 'Red Velvet' fan, when I saw they were bringing out a new collection of 3 exclusive shades I was all over it like newly applied red lippy on a glass.
The shades are,
'Wicked' a gorgeous dark berry, burgundyish (my fave)
'Salem' Chocolate brown
'Black Velvet' Orange.... only messing, its black obvs!

So I wouldn't necessarily waltz around with matte jet black lips, but seeing as it was part of the set, I felt a need to buy, I couldn't break up the set.

The day the collection was released I purchased them direct through Lime Crime's Website. If you didn't know Lime Crime are an American brand, and they're based in California so I knew I would be waiting a while for delivery.

I waiting around a month (I know, makeup torture) when the postman delivered them I felt like doing a little jig for him, just to show appreciation (I didn't physically do this, just totally in my head) The packaging was so cute, inside there was the companies famous logo, 2 unicorns and lots of lime paper tissue used to wrap up and keep safe (and warm) my new velvetines. As well as the collection I ordered 'Pink Velvet' for the studio to use on my clients as it's almost summer and this gorgeous pink lippy will last them the whole night.

The design of the packaging has changed slightly since I ordered 'Red Velvet' which was well over a year ago now, but the product hasn't changed, still as lovely as ever.

These "Liquid Lipstick's" glide on like a gloss but after a while they magically transform into a matte stain, when i say stain, these literally don't budge. You can eat, drink, kiss etc and it will stay put. Perfect for a low maintenance lip colour!  

If you don't fancy waiting a month for these Love Makeup (UK based)  are now stocking the collection

My Fave looks & Addicted To Pretty Nails!

Hi everyone! I'm just posting a few of my favourite looks I have done in the past few weeks and also to tell you some exciting news! We have an amazing nail artist starting in the studio as from this Thursday 10th April! 

Her name is Kelly, she is extremely talented and very experienced, she uses only the best products in her kit (which is mouth wateringly beautiful!!) you girls will be spoilt for choice with lots of different shellac colours to choose from. I'll post photos of her work and her price list below my fave make pics.  (Click images to enlarge)

Hope to see you all in the studio soon! Love Kelly x 



Summer Skin

I've been using Laura Mercier SPF 20 oil free tinted moisturiser for a few weeks now. I had a bit of a nightmare with it to start with - after 3 trips back to Harvey Nicholls Beauty Bazaar as I had been matched up wrong! I have a skin tone that seems to be rather difficult for people to match up, I always have problems getting the right shade/tone. 

I always end up with a foundation that's too dark, which is annoying as in the store it always looks alright, but when I get home and try it in day light I'm always a gorgeous shade of orange with that dreaded line around my face that looks like i've just plonked a mask on! 

Luckily the girls on the Laura Mercier counter were lovely and I had no problem exchanging when I did finally find my perfect shade (Ochre) After one of the girl's matched me up, I asked for a mirror and took it outside and had a proper look in natural light (ALWAYS do this!) 

This tinted moisturiser is a bit of a cult favourite, hailed as the 'Best' tinted moisturiser out there, I understand why now! This is what the brand says about the product

** A sheer, lightweight, build able foundation that can be worn by all skin types but especially those with acne prone, sensitive or oily skin. Providing broad spectrum SPF 20 UVA/UVB sunscreen protection from the harmful, damaging rays of the sun, Laura Mercier's Oil-Free Tinted Moisturiser features an antioxidant vitamin complex that acts a free radical scavenger to protect the skin from even the most aggressive effects of the environment. **

Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer**Me wearing LM tinted Moisturiser, after about 5 hours with no touch ups. Also using Lime Crime Velvetines red velvet on lips, LM secret camouflage concealer, Urban Decay baked bronzer, Anastasia Beverly hills Brow Wizz on brows** 

The coverage is VERY good for a tinted moisturiser and its build-able, start with a light layer then build up in areas you need a little more coverage. You can tell how light it actual is when removing your makeup in the evening. When I wear foundation my cotton pads are always covered in foundation, I'm often shocked at how much I have put on (even though it didn't seem like I was) and it seems to take about 10 pads before its all off! With this tinted moisturiser 1 cotton pad and it's all off, and you can literally see how light it is on the pad!

 Obviously tinted moisturiser is not for everyone, if you have skin issues, acne scared, harsh blemishes etc and are used to a very heavy foundation, tinted moisturiser probably isn't for you. Saying that I do have a few light blemishes on my cheeks (that are fading, thank god with the help of my Lancome Dream Tone) those blemishes aren't 100% covered with the tinted moisturiser alone, but a little bit of concealing using my Laura Mercier secret camouflage concealer and POOF! All gone.  

I really wanted a great tinted moisturiser for summer, I hate to have anything too heavy on my face when its hot outside, it will also see me through holidays (Great as is SPF 20) and just for a general day to day 'foundation' I like to look different when I go out, which is another reason I was searching for a tinted moisturiser.  

I'd say the finish on this is a light dewy finish - not overly shiny, but it looks like i've got a healthy glow. I do find with other foundations I have to powder throughout the day as I get rather shiny, but this seems to 'sit' well on my skin and I don't have that problem. I have a combination skin type, my skin can get a little dry, but also a little oily too. I'm made up I tried this, I can see this being a firm favourite for years in my makeup bag! 

Highlighting & Contouring. Don't be a sheep.

I love hightlighting & contouring, I think it's makeup magic, to enhance & bring out features that may be a little hidden, to trick the eye into skimming over certain parts of the face that you don't want to point out - like I said makeup magic. 

What I don't get is this sudden craze of everyone wanting to be contoured to within an inch of their lives! So this is what I hate, inexperienced 'Makeup Artist's' slapping on foundation 10 times too dark and 10 times too light and thinking "Ill just blend this all in and that's contouring" No, no love that's not contouring. You're gonna have your client looking like a big orange, cakey mess if you do that. 

I have clients coming to me asking me to contour their face/nose (a few years ago they wouldn't even know what contouring meant let alone be asking for it!) But what really bothers me is everyone wants it, the thing is, not everyone needs it! 

For example, look at the recent Oscars red carpet pics, do you see any of the actresses Kimmy K'd up? No, I'll tell you why, because its either done so well you can't see, the right shade products are used (not 10 times darker and lighter) or they simply didn't need it.

If you're contouring your face and you end up looking caked in makeup, you're doing something wrong. Contouring is supposed to be subtle, like I said earlier it's to trick the eye into either not looking or being drawn to certain features.

I'm talking about real life contouring here, not photo shoots or anything like that, in shoots you can get away with doing much heavier makeup - if fact your supposed to go heavier because of the strong lighting etc. 

Kim Kardashian made heavy contouring well known to the average person, her makeup artist uses very heavy 'drag' style contouring on her because she can pull it off, most of the time. Obviously, Kim is gorgeous, so girls have seen ''THAT' famous photo of her mid transformation and thought "I want to look like that, and now I can!" Sorry girls, no you can't if it was that easy i'd be waltzing out of my house looking like a Kardashian every day, but unfortunately I have makeup brushes, not magic wands. 

Now, I'm not saying don't try it, at the end of the day you should have fun and experiment with makeup - but take the photo's floating around of 'How to contour' with a pinch of salt. What someone else wants to highlight you may want to diminish. For example these photos show that you should highlight your chin, now if you have a prominent chin that's a bit pointy and on the large size why would you want to draw attention to that?! You wouldn't!

Look at your own face, really study it and decide - What are my best features, what do I want to highlight, what do I want to diminish, what needs a bit of help? Maybe your eyes are hooded and you want to cheat a great socket line, that's contouring too!  It's not all cheekbones and slimmer noses. Everyone is different, that's the beauty of makeup, every face is different which makes every step you do on a client (or yourself) different. Play around with it, use the right shades/products for you and don't be sucked in to the hype of it all. 

The Oscars Best Makeup & Hair

I love the Oscars, I look forward to it every year! I love seeing all the films and guessing who might win, but most of all I love seeing what all the celebs wear and how they have their hair and makeup. 

It's every girls fantasy to have some where fancy enough to wear a gorgeous gown, to be pampered to within an inch of your life, to be dripping in diamonds - not River Island costume jewelry, but real gems! To have a glam squad preening you to perfection then to have the best seats in the house to the best award show in the world. Obviously us mere mortals cannot experience that, so watching it on TV or catching up using every form of social network is the next best thing. 

I have a couple of celebrities that made my list of 'best' this year. 

1. Lupita N'Yongo 

I love, love, love that she had pink lips & cheeks with her gorgeous 'Nairobi' blue gown, she looked like a princess. I love how her eyes were accentuated with some flirty lashes and subtle gold highlighter on the inner corner. And her skin! It looks like silk, so dewy and flawless - amazing Oscar worthy makeup (and her cute little head band!!) 

2. Cate Blanchett 

She looked like a proper 50's hollywood siren! I loved her hair, very glamorous. On her eyes she wore a sweep of black liner with some gorgeous long, wispy lashes and a sweep of shimmery shadow underneath to makeup her eyes pop - but it was all very subtle (the way makeup should be at a event like this) her skin was kept matte with a pop of peachy blush and glossy nude/peach lips. I love this woman, she never does wrong in my eyes. 

3. Angelina Jolie 

She went for a soft nude smokey eye with brown tones, with very full lashes they remind me so much of the Eldora H125 lashes we stock! Her eyes were striking but soft, for example instead of using black liner on her lid she stuck with a brown, it was all blended flawlessly! Nude glossy lips and natural brows finished off her look. Stunning, obviously! 

4. Olivia Wilde 

Very simple but effective. a strong eyeliner flick with perfect brows and pale nude lips 

5. Jared Leto 

A special mention has to go to Jared Leto's hair, we all need to appreciate the fact that he has hair better than most women! His beachy ombre waves gave me a bad case of hair envy! *runs off to wand hair* 

Smash Box Full Exposure

I first saw this palette on Instagram, I was browsing through and saw it on @lookamillion page, it looks gorgeous! I am a big fan of palettes, as a makeup artist it is very important to have everything compact and easy to pack up for shoots and jobs where I need to travel. It's also easy to find everything, no one wants to look through a hundred different single shadows to find one particular shade! Yes, you can make your own palettes (which I do) but it's nice when you can find one pre made and ready to go!

This palette looks great, you have all your neutral matte shades in there and some shimmery/glittery colours too - I have never tried Smash box eye shadows so I won't be buying this online, I like to try before I buy, naturally! But it's been added to my maybe list (along with about 23455 other things!) Has anyone tried it? What's your thoughts? 

Urban Decay Naked 3

Urban decay naked 3

We were very excited to get the very sought after, cult product that everyone runs out to buy, Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette - unless you have been hiding in a makeup free zone you will know this is Urban Decay's third naked palette - and in my opinion the best. 

Naked 1 is packed with bronze neutral shades 
Naked 2 is all taupe/brown neutral shades
Naked 3 Is beautiful rosey/pink hues 

As soon as Mr Postman delivered this I tried it out straight away! I had left all my brushes at the studio so it was a great opportunity to use the brush that came with the set. The brush is a double ended synthetic, cruelty free brush. One end is for blending, the other for applying. It also came with some samples of their best selling primer potions (in different shades and finishes - we use original in the studio on EVERYONE) 

These are the two different looks I done using this 1 palette and the brush. 

Urban decay naked 3
Urban decay naked 3

Using this palette you can do anything from a very neutral 'naked' eye all the way to a full smokey eye - you get 12 shades, most shimmery, a couple glittery, and a couple matte (matte shades are perfect for blending the edges of the shimmery or glitter shades)

The brush was fab! I wasn't really expecting much as most brushes that come with palettes are crappy and I end up either binning or using for applying glitter or glitter glue, but as you can see it applies colour's very strong and blends gorgeously! This brush is a keeper, I may have to fight Clare for it! 

We have been using it quite a lot in the studio and my fave colour to use on myself at the moment is 'Liar' it's a minky/rose colour and everytime i've worn it clients have said 'Can I have my eyes like yours?' it's very pretty. 

Naked 3 is £37 and I would encourage any Urban Decay/makeup lovers to run out and buy it - 12 shades in a gorgeous palette with a mirror, brush included, the shadows are pigmented (if you have used Urban Decay before you'll know what I mean) They blend gorgeous and it's just the perfect little palette to have in your collection. 

If you would like to know what shades I have used for the photo's above let me know 

2014 at Addicted To Pretty

Well most people are busy fighting off the January blues, but January for us has been fab! 

I have just completed my Lash Perfect semi permanent eyelash training, which was at Manchester. I am working my way through my case studies and will be ready to take appointments in the next few weeks! The treatment involves placing an eyelash extension on 1 of your own lashes, so its quite time consuming and a bit fiddly! A full set takes 2 hours, the lashes last up to 12 weeks with regular 2-3 week maintenance infills, the results are fantastic! I done my mum's lashes for her and she absolutely loves them, and she hates strip lashes or anything on her eyes - they are so light weight you cannot feel them on your lashes at all (if the right size and thickness extensions are used) 

Here's my mums before & after 
Lash perfect

If you would like to book in please go to the contact us  page or call 07842717603

Glitter Blend

It's been a while since I created some eye makeup looks on myself, I've been busy and making people pretty got in the way. 
The other day I had a little time on my hands and I wanted to do a little look on myself, I wanted to play around with different finishes together, in a different way, I wanted to do a matte lid with a glitter blend under my eyes. 

I love purple and gold together, I think they colours just look amazing paired up and I wanted to use one of my favourite Lit Cosmetic glitters 'Vegas S3' (see my lit glitter blog

Eye makeup

Products used 

Eye shadow - Sugarpill poison plum 
Liner - Illamasqua Gel liner 
Highlight - Was a pale shimmery Yaby colour in their best of both worlds palette

(Under eyes) 
Illamasqua Liquid gold (as a base for the glitter) 
Ben nye glitter glue 
Lit cosmetics 'Vegas' glitter
MAC 'fascinating' Eye kohl on water line

Illamasqua - Eyebrow cake in shade Thunder

Eldora False eyelashes - B178 

I put the photo on Instagram and tagged the brands which I used for the look, I was so happy when Illamasqua reposted my look in their Instagram, then Illamasqua's founder Julian reposted the look to his personal account - It's so nice when a massive brand like Illamasqua like your work so much they repost it for all their followers to see (they have over 90k followers!) Are you on Instagram? Why not follow me @KellyAMua, but only if you love lots of pics of makeup! 


Lit glitter

We have a new obsession Lit cosmetics Glitter. 

We have wanted to try these glitters for soooo long, but never got around to ordering. Then my beady little makeup eyes caught glimpse of their Black Friday sale (buy one get one free!) so I HAD to order. 

We ordered 10 and they arrived all the way from Canada in about 8 working days - quite quick I thought! Delivery is only $10 Canadian dollars too, which is so cheap! I also have to add the owner of Lit cosmetics Jodie was soooo helpful and lovely! 

The glitters are categorized into sizes, so S1 is really fine, almost like a pigment. S2 is a fine glitter. S3 is a chunky glitter (my fave size) and S4 is super chunky.   

I can't even describe just how sparkly these glitters are - I know what you're thinking, all glitters are sparkly, but until you have saw these beauties you haven't saw sparkle! 

We have used lots of different brands and these are by far the best, they have the best glitter colour range, with shades like 'Magic Dragon' being a mix of green & navy & Seeing Stars being a mix of Green, Red, black (and more!) they catch the light and twinkle like diamonds and generally make jaws hit the floor! 

Shades we ordered were, 
Beach Baby S3 (chunky bronze gold)
Magic Dragon S3 (chunky green & navy) 
Marilyn Monroe S3 ( chunky pure silver) 
Seeing Stars S3 (chunky multi coloured dark) 
Vegas S3 (chunky holographic gold) 
Punk S3 ( chunky deep blue/purple) 
Hulk S3 (chunky bright green) 
Dreamsicle S2 (fine peachy coral) 
Valley Girl S2 (fine lilac/pink/purple) 
Rock It S2 (Deep navy shimmer) 

And here they are  *some colours aren't shown exactly how they are in real life*

We love them all, but one. Rock It S2 is more of a pigment than a glitter, so we were a bit disappointed with it, but the other 9 make up for it! 

If you are interested in getting your hands on these, they sell Lit glitter's in Peaches & Cream but they don't have the full range, so click here to go to Lit's official website to view all shades. 

Here a a few photo's we have taken of our clients we used Lit glitters on,  

Vegas S3

Seeing Stars S3

Beach Baby S3

Marilyn Monroe S3 

Because photo's never catch the full effects of the glitter, here are some videos I shot so you can see just how sparkly they are! 

You need Flash Player in order to view this.
Seeing stars lit glitter

You need Flash Player in order to view this.
Magic dragon lit glitter

You need Flash Player in order to view this.
Lit glitter

Lancome Skin Care

The other day I went to do a bit of Christmas shopping with Andy, for one of my presents I'd asked for Lancome's Dream tone as I'd read great reviews online. Lately I've noticed some uneven pigmentation on my face and this seemed like the perfect product to fix it. 

I'd saw that Dream Tone was £69 but Lancome had a little set containing a few small bottles of their Genifique and Visionaire for £69, bargain! 

I got to the counter but there wasn't a sales advisor in sight, I looked around the counter myself and all I could find was the Dream Tone set Number 1 (I wanted number 2) After 10 minutes waiting and rummaging through every single set in sight the sales advisor came over. I told her I was looking for the Dream Tone Number 2 set - She was clearly after a sale because she told me there was 'No difference' in the numbers and they 'all did the same thing'. 

Listen love, there is clearly a difference in them or why would there be THREE different ones on sale? (1 is for fair skin, 2 for medium and 3 for dark) I stood my ground and decided to just buy the Dream Tone number 2 (without the set) however the girl decided to throw a few freebies in with the sale. These included one of the gift sets which contained Tonique Douceur 50ml, Bi Facil 30ml, Galateis Douceur 50ml, a small Hypnose mascara and a little lippy. She also added 2 sample sized bottles of Visionnaire. 

The lipstick is a frosty pinky colour, to be honest I'll never wear it as I think its a bit 80's. I did however try the mascara and I was so impressed - but I'll blog about that another day. 

I told Andy I needed to start with the Dream Tone and skin care to get my skin in 'top condition' for Christmas' we negotiated and I gave him the Kindle I had bought him that day. Both happy - Win, win!

On to the skin care, I used the Galateis Douceur (A cream cleanser) and Tonique Douceur straight away, I was amazed how much crap was coming off my face! They smell lovely and left my skin feeling like silk! 

Next I applied the Visionnaire all over and then Dream Tone (I had been using Dream Tone for around 1 week as I got a sample to try out will blog about that after Christmas as they say it takes about 4 weeks to see results). 

Now, obviously I can't blog about the effects of Visionnaire yet, but the other skin care products had my face feeling cleaner than it had ever done in it's life! My skin feels soft, looks brighter and after just 2 days I can tell I'm going to be a MASSIVE Lancome skin care junkie! 

If you're using another brand at the moment but want to try Lancome just go to one of their counters and see if you can get a sample to test out, if you don't ask, you don't get. 

Right, now I'm off to clean my face and stroke my cheek for an hour or so (it's soooo soft!) 


For all you lash lovers!

We were so excited to get our hands on these AMAZING lashes and we are even more excited that we our officially stocking these so you can own these beauties yourself! 

Here is me wearing our new 178 lashes so you can see just how beautiful they are 

As you can see in the packaging they look SUPER big, but once on they are not scary big at all. We ordered some on last week to trial in the studio on our clients, we were so surprised that they completely sold out on Saturday! Everyone loved them. 

If you want to get your hands on the 178 lashes you can either pick up from the studio or if you can't make it to us we can post out to you! However, I suggest you order/pick up quickly before they fly out. Prices are £5 to pick up, and extra for P&P if you want them posted to you. If you want to order please tweet us or message us on our Facebook LIKE page. 

We are also in the process of putting together little eyelash bundles (3 different style lashes) which will be the perfect little Christmas present for friends, family and any lash lovers! More details on those soon.

Here are a few more photo's of the 178 lashes on our clients over the weekend. 

Barry M Lipstick

Me & Clare went on our little weekly makeup browse when we had a spare hour this weekend. We had to go to Boots to pick up our favourite No7 gentle cream Cleanser, of course shopping for one cleanser never happens - so 2 trips to the till later (because you always spot other things on the way out!) we had lots of new bits. 

We had a little nosey at the Barry M stand and this particular lipstick caught our eye. Lipstick in shade number 160. 

This is a gorgeous berry colour, it's not exactly matte but not sheer either, kind of in between. The pigment is strong and I was surprised! For £4.49 I didn't really expect much to be honest. This colour is massive again this winter so if you want to buy a berry lipstick I would highly recommend this shade. I wore it for about 5 hours and it had only faded slightly, and I was drinking coffee (too many cups, had the caffeine shakes! I'll never learn)  

I applied this as I always do with any lipstick for longevity - Apply, blot, apply again, blot again, apply. Stick to this rule and your lipstick will last an age! I lined with MAC Vino lipliner, which is a perfect match for it. 

Do you own any Barry M lipsticks? If so what shade is your favourite? Let me know so I can try them too :) 


Lash Perfect Semi Permanent Eyelashes

After MONTHS of research, umming and ahhing, and reading a million reviews on different semi permanent eyelash training/products I have decided to do my training and buy my kit with Lash Perfect. 

I have read so many great reviews about their training & support and I have saw online and in person the amazing finished result! 

We get so many girls in the studio who get semi perm lashes and I always ask "What brand are they" most don't know - but a couple (who's eyelashes where fabulous darling!) said 'Lash Perfect' 

So I've booked it, and I can't wait to get going. I've always been very good at fiddly things, I've got a good eye for detail and I think my 6 years experience doing makeup will help me so much!  

I will be doing this treatment from February so keep you eyes open for my Introductory offers, photo's and news. 

Kelly xo

My Makeup Wish List...

As a makeup artist I am always on the look out for new products to try out, as a makeupaholic I'm constantly in a battle with myself to not spend a small fortune each month!

I've been watching Lisa Eldridge's videos alot recently, shes been in the industry over 20 years so knows her stuff! Lately I've been thinking loads about skin care and growing my collection of skin saviors. I was watching one of Lisa's videos about what skin care she stocks up on when she visits Paris. She buys so much of her skin care goodies from pharmacies over there, but was made up to find some of the products she loves are available here in Boots! 

La Roche-Posay is a french brand of skin care, in Lisa's kit she uses their Rosaliac (anti redness moisturiser)  Effaclar H (For acne prone/acne treated skin) which I want to try! 

I am also excited to try RCMA's highlight and contour palette. I already have a big RCMA palette (shinto) which has honestly lasted me years! I only use it occasionally when I get a client with skin that needs/wants super high coverage, but I think it should be a staple in every makeup artist's kit as it's so versatile . So I know the product, I know how it works, so I can't wait to try the highlight and contour palette. 

On the 'must get' list are some Kevyn Aucoin products, mainly the Sensual Skin Enhancer (the name alone makes you want to buy it!) It has rave reviews from lots of makeup artist's, which is why its on my list. 

Tom Ford next, I've been lusting over their products for about a year now but haven't made the leap to buy. Their products are VERY high end with a VERY high end price tag. I'm talking £36 for a lippy and £62 for a quad palette. On my list (for myself) is their Rouge Fatel lipstick (deep red) I did want Black Orchid but think its been discontinued!! For work I want the Shade & Illuminate palette and about 3 of the eye shadow quads (Golden Mink, Cognac Sable,& Ice Queen)

I've wanted to try Laura Mercier's Secret camouflage concealer for ages, and I think that's probably the first thing I'm going to get which is on this list.  

Next is my beloved Chanel Illusion D'ombre (cream shadows) we use Mirifique (sparkly black) religiously as a base for jet black smokey eyes, but there are loads more colours I want. 

That's just the tip of the iceberg! Obviously I see new things every day and I'm like "Must's not complete without.."
But, common sense takes over and I realise i've got to eat and pay bills. So silly things like having a roof over my head often win, but I'm working my way through the list slowly but surely, and when I get something i've mentioned here I will blog about it and tell you all exactly what I think. 

What's on your list? Let me know!