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What is strobing?
Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Eyeshadow palette
Halloween 2014


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Glitter Freckles

Makeup Lessons

Did you know I also do makeup lessons? 

After 7 years working on my own skills and perfecting them I decided last year to share my knowledge and let all you lovely people in on my secrets. 

Some things that can be covered in my classes are, 

  • Different styles of smokey eyes 
  • Natural eye makeup 
  • Blending techniques 
  • How to do winged liner - made easy, I promise!
  • Eyebrow shaping with makeup 
  • Lash application (because sometimes those little buggers just won't stick, I'll show you how to perfect apply them, everytime)
  • The perfect base - I'll show you you don't have to wear a million layers of foundation for a flawless base, it's all in the technique 
  • Dewy highlighed skin/ Strobing 
  • Contouring made easy and how not to end up looking stripey 

These are just a few things that can be covered in the lessons, but what makes my classes different are that they are all completely bespoke and tailored to you! 

You learn exactly what you want to learn. My lessons are perfect for anyone, whether you want to learn how to do your own makeup for holidays/nights out or are looking to change your career and venture out into the big bad world of makeup! 

My lessons range from 1 hour all the way through to full days. 
If you want more information or you'd like to book your lesson call or text me on 07842717603

What is strobing?

For longer than I care to remember we've had images of people contouring themselves to within an inch of their lives, often totally unnecessarily. 

You've added all the super dark contour and super light highlight then you just blend it all away so you can't even see it anymore...... yeah, makes sense. 

I'm certainly not a hater of contour, I bloody love it, done correctly it adds shape, defines and just generally makes my face look on bloody fleek! Done badly though..... the results are somewhat horrendous. 

So now we have a 'new' technique which has made waves across the net and got everyone 'buzzing' this new technique is called 'Strobing' 

Right, let me put this straight, strobing is just simply highlighting, just using a fancy new term. It adds light, brightness and an ethereal look, rather than using shadows to create shape strobing is using light to bounce off those features and accentuate them. 

Let me repeat this IS NOT new, as a makeup artist I play with light and shadow all day, if someone sits in my chair with cheekbones to die for already whats the point in adding a shit tonne of contour when their cheekbones are already causing me to feel bad about my face.... I add light instead, I create a subtle pop of brightness that bounces off those marvelous cheekbones. 

Strobing aka highlighting should be done on the high points of your face, instead of using a light coloured concealer or foundation try using an actual highlighter with light particles (I like BECCA shimming skin perfector, NARS illuminating highlighters and Muliples) 

For a really intense glow I like to layer cream/liquid products and powder, so cream or liquid first then powder over. 

Once again, I say it all the time - have fun with it and experiment! Don't throw your contour palettes out just yet but maybe shove them to the back of the drawer for a while and embrace strobing for the summer.  

Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Eyeshadow palette

I recently picked up the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita palette after reading rave reviews online and drooling over all her palettes on her website! 

I'm a try before I buy kinda girl, but with the nearest Selfridges in Manchester I decided to bite the bullet and place my order online. 

Firstly, this palette is so luxurious and would look AMAZING on any dressing table - but down to the nitty gritty, the eyeshadows themselves. 

The colours are very pigmented, a little dream boat to blend with great staying power. I decided on the Dolce Vita palette as I use these brown/gold shades so much on my clients and I know I will get full use from it. 

I'm not going to go indepth with the shades, as you have a pair of eyes and can see them for yourself..... however the colour bottom left is amazing, its so sparkly and pretty. I've been using this shade alot over gold smokey eyes to add a little sparkle, rather than apply it with a brush I use my ring finger and press the sparkle straight onto the lid for maximum twinkly, sparkly, jazziness!  

At £38 this little palette is worth spending your hard earned pennies on, the colours are very 'useable' so versatile and it's little bit of gorgeousness to add to your collection, which, lets face it is always welcome! 

Here are two eye makeups I have done using this palette, as you can see you can keep it as natural or as sultry and smokey as you like! 

Happy Blending....


Halloween 2014

Another Halloween has been and gone *sob* 

I love Halloween, it's a chance for me to get creative and for a few days only do more than just smokey eyes! Of course there was a few 'normal' makeups this weekend too, so work was very varied, which I absolutely loved! Here are the photo's.. 

I'm all about that base......

It's very, very rare that I do any eye makeup without using a base first, I believe that a good solid base is key for longevity. 

I ALWAYS use a primer too, my chosen primer is the Urban Decay primer potion (original) then no matter what shade my client wants I always have a base colour to match. 

I believe layering is absolutely essential for making sure that eye makeup doesn't budge, which is partly a reason most people will book in with a professional makeup artist, as they know their makeup will last so much longer than if they were to do it themselves. 

My routine with eye makeup is 

  • Prep (clean area thoroughly) 
  • Prime 
  • Cream shadow 
  • Powder shadow 

My favourite cream shadows to use are Makeup Forever's Aqua cream, here are a few of my Aqua cream collection, they are the little round pots on the right ( I have around 10 now) 


Another one of my favourite base's for black smokey eyes is Chanel's Illusion D'Ombre in shade Mirifique - I actually don't know what I would do without this product! It's a complete game changer in terms of making life so much easier when trying to achieve that perfect black smokey eye. It also has a gorgeous glitter effect! Here is a eye makeup I did using Illusion D'Ombre. 

After I have applied any cream shadow I always set it using a similar shade of powder shadow, this is key to ensure there is no creasing and as I said earlier it's all about the layering process which is so important for longevity. 

Obviously there is thousands of cream shadows on the market, and I'm sure I haven't tried so many great ones which are out there! But I'm making it my mission to try as many as possible - but for now my beloved Makeup Forever Aqua Cream's are my firm favourite which I would encourage everyone to try, along with Chanel's Illusion D'Ombre they have around 8 different shades which I intend to add to my collection! 

Happy layering! 

Makeup Brain

I haven't blogged properly for a while, I've had no time and I've been up the wall with my new move. As most of you know I have moved from my studio on Slater Street to Rodney Street. They do say the two most stressful things you go through in life are death and moving house. Technically I didn't move house, but I had sooo much stuff in my studio it was like a mini house move! 

As well as boxing all my things up (numerous car/van journeys) I also threw away so much stuff, which made my hoarder mum have a mini panic attack, I also had to leave the studio as I had found it, which was a boring, soulless shell! After lots of sweat (and nearly a few tears) I said goodbye to Slater Studios at the end of September. 

Basically for the past few months with the stress of the move dangling over my head like a dark cloud I developed makeup brain. Makeup brain is exactly like new mum's baby brain, but instead of waking up every two hours to feed the baby I was waking in a cold sweat every night at 4am shouting random MAC lippy shades out! My head was a cloudy mess of glitter dust and blogging has been the last thought in my mind. 

But with everything almost sorted out I am ready to start again, I thoroughly enjoy writing and have done since I was a kid, I don't know if I am any good at it or even if anyone even reads my little posts, but it makes me happy so I'll continue! 

I've got a few post's I've been wanting to write for a while, and now my head is completely glitter dust free and the makeup brain has thankfully done one, I can get cracking on. 

Addicted To Pretty's New Makeup Home

As a lot of you know I'm moving makeup homes! I'm moving from Slater Street to Rodney Street. I will now be based at 72 Rodney Street & in with the girls at Nirvana Aesthetics. It's literally a 5 minute stroll from Slater Street so still very central. 

It will be only me doing makeup as Clare has flown the makeup nest and set up in Southampton for Uni, so appointments are very limited. I only have one pair of hands and as you all know I don't like rushing my appointments as I like to take my time and spend a full 45 minutes primping and preening you to perfection! 

I would suggest you book your appointments well in advance, just to ensure you get your appointment booked before some other eager beaver books your desired time slot! 

Hope to see all my regular clients (and hopefully lots of new faces) at my new makeup home! Don't forget to check out the girls at Nirvana Aesthetics on Facebook/Twitter. Sophie is well known for her amazing HD brows and Caroline (PureRise) is making a name for herself as Liverpool's leading lady in the revolutionary None Surgical breast enhancement

Are Kylie Jenner's lips more famous than her?

It's been the question on everyone's lips (no pun intended) has she or hasn't she? 
At 17 (just turned) I would think that would be a little early to start fiddling with your looks, especially since you haven't stopped growing Yes, of course massive lips aren't going to sprout like boobs over night but still, to get your lips done at 16 is rather questionable. 

Everyone has been talking about these lips of hers. Does she use some magical concoction of lipstick and liner perfectly to cheat that full pout, what shades of lipstick is she using, frantically trying to find out who done her makeup to see if they give clues on her lip products. 

I'm no cosmetic surgery expert but I do consider myself quite knowledgeable about makeup, as soon as I saw her lips I knew more than just clever makeup was at work. 

Then I saw this ..... 

She deleted the pic as quickly as she uploaded it, but it was already on my instagram news feed.  As you can see, no lipliner, no lippy, just big fish lips! 
So here's the evidence. There's no clever makeup tricks, no special lipliner or lipstick, no camera trickery, just plain old lip fillers. 

Now I would appreciate it if everyone could stop going on about her bloody lips! 

Brides Abroad Makeup Master Class

Congratulations if you are currently getting ready to hop on a plane and jet off to a sunnier climates for your up and coming nuptials! There are lots of amazing pro's about getting married abroad, the weather for one, your photo's will look amazing & a lovely holiday for your nearest and dearest while they celebrate your big day. 

But one thing I am hearing time and time again from brides planning their wedding abroad is they are so worried about booking a makeup artist abroad incase they hate their makeup as often there is no time for a trial or they aren't confident enough in doing their own makeup for their big day. 

So I've come up with a special master class for brides who are getting married abroad. 
The class will cover things like; 

  • Looking  into your own makeup bag to see what you will be taking away with you
  • Making a list of products you might like to buy, including brushes. 
  • Showing you how to create your chosen look on yourself, with my tips and tricks to help you perfect it with minimal stress. 
  • Teaching you how to correctly apply false lashes. 
  • Eyeliner techniques and tips 
  • Creating a flawless look that will last all day and night

Of course all of these Bridal Abroad Makeup Master Classes are completely bespoke and tailored to your specific needs, so the above list it just an example. Perhaps you want to perfect that dewy skin look to perfection or want to master the art of rocking that perfect red lip on your wedding day that will last well past the first kiss. 
This is the perfect opportunity for you to pick up some new skills and relax on your big day with the knowledge you will be able to do your makeup without any stress!

Lessons will be 2 hours and are priced at £85. 
For more details or to book please email 

I'm gonna wash that mud right out of my hair

I'm back from another amazing 5 days in that magical world called Glastonbury. The sun shone, then there was the torrential rain, followed by thunder and lightening which led to an electrical storm causing some sets to be cut short, the entire site was like one massive mud pit, but even after all that, that could not dampen the Glastonbury spirit. 

 I'm pretty sure everyone would love it there, but I know so many girls worry about things like 'Oh, I couldn't go 5 days without washing my hair!' Well I'm about to let you into a little secret, this is possible! 

And what's better than washing your hair? Well, that's easy - having someone else washing it for you.
And wouldn't it be great to have your hair professional styled too? like the celebs do at festivals. Well guess what you can!
While you're there why not go the whole hog and get a manicure, massage and facial too..... no girls, I'm not talking about some fantastical, festival dream world here, I'm talking about a genius concept called "Vanity Van" 

Vanity Van at Glastonbury Tamara Vanity Van's stylist curling my hair

So, you've done the mile long trek from the gates to the 'best' place to pitch up - Which is always the furthest away, you're probably sweating cobs (if its hot) or fighting off frizzy 'Diana ross circa chain reaction' hair due to that fine rain that clings to every strand of hair on your head. You're feeling triumphant at the fact you have correctly positioned poles and guide lines, but the sight of your hair is bringing you out in nervous rash and you're developing a twitch in your right eye from the sheer stress of having to spend the next few days with hair like you've been dragged through a bush - backwards. 

Preparation is key ladies, remember, fail to prepare then prepare to fail. Log on to and pre book your appointment before you even step foot through the festival gates. Stress gone, twitchy right eye - none existent. 

Vanity Van offer an array of treatments from D.I.Y options where you can wash and style your own hair, to luxury festival recovery packages which includes treatments such as Luxury tan , Express Facial , Gel polish, Hair Styling

Photo By Lisa ChapmanPhoto by Lisa Chapman

Photo by Lisa Chapman

                                      (Photo's above by Lisa Chapman)                                                                     

Me and my friend Becky booked in for a basic dry styling appointment with one of Vanity Van's fab stylist's. My hair was being looked after by Tamara who was lovely, I explained that I wanted my hair to look "Shabby chic wavy, like i've done nothing to it, and I "Woke up like dis" she knew straight away what I meant and went about working her magic. 

Hair by Vanity Van at Glastonbury FestivalBecky almost asleep having her hair done

Vanity Van are partnered with Batiste hair products, makers of the most wonderful invention in the whole wide world, dry shampoo! Well, to my surprise Batiste also now make dry conditioner, which came in VERY handy later on during the week... 

Batiste Dry Conditioner

My hair was done and dusted in around 15-20 minutes, I was just praying to rain would do one for the remainder of the festival. But obviously as you all probably know a huge storm was on it's way. My beautifully styled hair looked gorgeous for around 2 hours, then I was left fighting frizz off like a festival warrior and my weapon was...... dry conditioner! 

By the 4th day I had given up the fight and was starting to embrace my naturally curly hair, I just sprayed dry conditioner over my wet hair and this took away alot of my frizz, this product is my new MUST HAVE for future festivals. 

Vanity Van have been busy little bee's this year, with over 1700 appointments booked at Glastonbury alone! The team travel around the country doing lots of different festivals and events throughout the year. I would highly recommend booking in or if you like to live on the edge just pop along and see if they can fit you in. When you're sleeping in a tent on the floor, getting dressed sitting down as you can't stand up in your tent, washing exclusively with wet wipes, sharing your bed with creepy crawlies galore, I'm pretty sure a little treat like this will leave you smiling from ear to ear. 
If you're off to a festival this year don't let the weather get you down, embrace the rain, bask in the sun and dance in the mud, just let your hair down (literally) and have the best time! 
Here's a little photo of the 4 stages of my Glasto hair from straight to Annie style curls.

Glastonbury Hair

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner

I Picked up a copy of Glamour Magazine today and it had an Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner as a gift. The magazine was only £2 and the eyeliner itself retails at £12 so you're saving a tenner straight away! 

I am currently on the look out for the perfect liquid liner that's in a pen form or easy to carry around as I'm off to Glastonbury again and can't be bothered faffing around with gel liners with a brush whilst trying to get ready in a sweltering hot (and very messy) tent.

 I picked up the Illamasqua Precision liner last week and I hate it! I knew it dried to a 'PVC' finish, but I find its way too shiny and flakes off after not that long.... so the hunt continues. 
I'll try this out later and post my thoughts, but like I said - for £2 who can complain. I got the black version but there's also a navy so be careful if you get the magazine for this liner incase you pick the wrong colour. 

EDIT ...... I don't know if the eyeliner has been sat in a warehouse for a while or someone left the top off for a while, but this liner is seriously hard to use! so dry and to get a perfect flick using this product you'd have to make a pact with a makeup devil. 

MAC Springsheen Blush

I went on a little makeup shopping trip the other day, for once it was for myself and not for work! I picked up quite a few bits & I found my new favourite blush that's just perfect for me for the (hopefully) gorgeous summer we're going to have - I'm trying to be optimistic! 

Its from MAC and the shade is Springsheen, it's a gorgeous peach colour which has a lovely golden sheen to it - here's the swatches 

Playing with makeup

Often, I get so busy doing makeup for clients that I sometimes forget how much I actually love experimenting and generally playing with makeup! 

It's easy to get stuck in a makeup rut when you're doing it every day, I always try and change it up slightly in work, even if it's just little changes on each client - it stops me getting bored and get's my makeup head on instead of doing makeup on auto pilot. 

Obviously all my kit is in the studio and after a long day the last thing I think of is packing up the kit to bring home to experiment. But sometimes I force myself to, and I'm always so pleased I done it the next day when I have all this beautiful makeup to play with!  

Here are a few eye makeup looks i've done lately -  

winged eyeliner eye makeuppink glitter eye makeup

Cut crease eyemakeup
monocrome eye makeup

My top 5 Instagram accounts

I love Instagram, it's totally visual which is what appeals to me so much. If you get past the zillion selfies and self indulgent LOOK AT ME images it's chocka blocka with inspiring accounts and images. 

I'm a bit obsessed with it to be honest, but what I love about it is I find out about new products/brands/artist's I wouldn't of known about without Instagram. I have a few accounts I regularly check out (stalk) obviously they're all makeup & beauty related. I do follow all different types of accounts on there though, from Fashion, lifestyle and obviously celebs (because everyone does and we are all nosey parkers aren't we?!)  

Like I said I do have a few accounts I just love so thought i'd share my top 5 'Must Follow' accounts for everyone who loves makeup & beauty. 

1. @Nikki_Makeup 
I love this makeup artist's work, she is the queen of the ultra glowing skin look! Just check out her page for major inspiration from high end creative looks, amazing nail designs and of course the most gorgeous dewy, glowing skin. 

2. @Babskymakeup 
He doesn't update as much as I'd like (he's obviously a very busy man) but I just love his work. His face charts, which he actually draws himself (no pre made charts used) are unbelievable! He's worked with countless celebs and works alot with Naomi Campbell and is the UK's makeup artist ambassador for Lancome. 

3. @Makeupbymario
The man responsible for the contouring craze! He was the makeup artist that was doing Kim Kardashian's makeup when she snapped that infamous pic of her mid transformation. His page is full of gorgeous pictures of course lots of pics of the Kardashians.

4. @Vegas_nay
One the most popular accounts on Instagram with 2 million followers (and counting) her page is full of features from other makeup artist's work - which is great as it introduces you to new pages you didn't know about! I'm still trying to get featured on her page..... one day!

5. @Adamburrell 
This man has had me go out and buy makeup (I didn't need!)  just from posting what products he had used for a certain look. It looked so good I couldn't help myself. He is Little Mix's makeup artist aswell as working on countless campaigns, magazine shoots and celebrities. 

I obviously follow more accounts than just these 5, but these are up there with my favourites. I suggest you all follow them....and me @KellyAMua